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Are you tired of working your days away for someone else and complain about having no time to do the things you want to do? My name is Hanuman and like most people I was looking for a way out of the rat race. I wanted more time and freedom to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. I too wanted to feel empowered and be the entrepreneur that I knew that I was.

I am now 44 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia. I am an artist and martial arts instructor and up until recently had been working just to support my passion. I have been an Engineer for almost 15 years but although I was paid well, I still needed more time and money to do the things I always wanted to do. Just like you, I was endlessly looking for an alternative income stream until I figured it out! Now, not only have I replaced my monthly income but I make the same amount in less than one week. I love to travel and now I teach people how to enjoy their life and live the life of their dreams from anywhere in the world. I’ve recently resigned from my 9 to 5 and I want to help you do it too!

I’ve been trading Binary Options since 2009 but before then I’ve been trading Forex (Currency) and E-Minis (Indicies). I found the later unpredictable and required a considerable amount of my time for small wins and in many instances losses. Since then I have utilized other professional traders to trade my Forex and E-Minis accounts automatically and I have managed to create a passive income stream. It was an expensive introduction to trading. But don’t be fooled, it was a bumpy start to my trading career which continued even when I started trading Binary Options until I stumbled on specific strategies to trade this vehicle.

What I do

I found Binary Options appealing in that there are lucrative returns within the hour which are up to 85% on investment. I also know that many people would appreciate the low working capital required to start. On this site I show you everything you need to do to get started. You can find out where you can get a free online trading account, your charts and even offer a basic strategy to give the required discipline to stop you from using your gut. Remember trading is a business and like in any business you must use your intelligence.

Unfortunately most people would never hear about this type of trading as there is no profit to be made by the traditional brokers and financial institutions. As there are no broker fees – which as the experienced traders would know can vary up to $100 each way (to get in and then out of) every trade whether you win or lose the broker got paid – it is not in the brokers interest to tell you about anything other than what they do. The internet has changed all that. People like you and I have so many more choices to expand whatever we choose. I chose my wallet. What about you?

Make sure you check out some of the additional revenue tools and resources which I introduce to my clients. I actively used these to create additional passive income streams and make money while I sleep! This is just a bonus from me and I am sure that you will be blown away with the power of these strategies. I have made these easily accessible on my home page dashboard.

Why I do it

A lot of people seemed surprised to find out that I had a bumpy start trying to use the more traditional trading vehicles (some thought I was a fool to even try). Soon I discovered that I was quickly getting into hot water. I realized that my mindset and money management were quite impractical and set for failure. It was when I stumbled on a professional trader who had mastered binary options that I was able to turn my result completely around using his strategies. I’ve been spreading the word ever since!

Binary options are an enjoyable and quite a lucrative style of trading. Once I was shown how, I quickly grew my account and am now in a position where I replace my once professional monthly income every couple of days. All of the programs which I review were critical in my success. The mentoring I initially received got me out of a dark closet and into the mind of a successful trader. I was able to turn around my balance and feel secure in trading successfully. So this site is dedicated to my mentor and to give back to you. How would you feel if you had more choices and freedom?

How to use this site

We have provided links in our Review page to some of the best educational tools which we have personally purchased and used. We have kept this information as simple as we could to allow traders of all levels and ages to get started and succeed. We have even added free tools which we have created and used over the years to help you track your performance. Check out our premium membership site to help you get the edge over most of the amateurs out there. Bookmark this site and make sure you sign up for our free tools for your success.

I know, over the years I’ve tried to keep this site simple but I keep finding strategies that work for me that I cannot help but share the love. Our policy is to over-deliver and people will keep coming back for more. I hope that you find our dashboard menu a simple way to orientate yourself around our site. Take your time and familiarize yourself with our dashboard and you will learn that there are so many golden gooses on this site that you will realize that when it comes to financial success it not only rains but pours.

Thanks again for visiting!

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