Trading Journal

Binary Options Trading Journal

For the first time ever an online Binary Options Trading Journal is available free at Binary Options Basics 101. This is the worlds first Trading Journal dedicated to Binary Options.

Now you can get professional tools to monitor your daily performance using the worlds first Binary Options Trading Journal.

Why Use A Trading Journal?

A major factor that separates the successful from the unsuccessful is that the successful see each experience as an opportunity to grow where as those that are not move from one experience to another without learning much at all.  This is why we have developed the Trading Journal.

Binary Options Trading JournalThe best way to succeed in any style of trading is to monitor your performance and progress. Apart from learning the importance of money management and sticking to your strategy a trader both new and professional must journal all their trades. A Trading Journal will force you to be patient and stick to your strategy.

Trading Journal

Have you noticed how difficult it is to export or save your trading history using your Binary Options broker’s platform. Well by using our unique Trading Journal this is now a thing of the past.

Trading JournalI can guarantee you that by not use a Trading Journal you will not succeed as a trader.

Every professional trader monitors their performance day in and day out.

Trading without using a Trading Journal is like a playing a slot machine or Russian roulette.

What can the Trading Journal do?

Binary Options Basics 101 has developed a Trading Journal that can be used to monitor your daily trading performance. It utilizes a calender which will show you what days you traded in that particular month.

It also suggests the working trade amount to suit your money management strategy and can be changed or ignored as required. This amount grows to allow for your to use a compounding interest strategy and can be controlled by defining the percentage of Maximum Risk within the Trading Journal.

The Trading Journal allows you to Update each days performance which appears in your history sorted from newest to oldest trade.

Trading JournalYou can also select a day on the calender or from the history and modify your results. If you want to go back to the original record you simply press the Restore button to roll back the results.

If you make a mistake or enter a trade on the wrong day you simply select the day, modify and Update or Delete your journal entry.

The Trading Journal also produces graphs to visually display your performance and helps you to monitor your progress over a period of time.

The best part is that all this information is stored on your machine locally so your privacy is guaranteed as it is securely accessed each time you enter your Trading Journal.

Look out for our introductory video tutorial where we demonstrate all the features of your Trading Journal.

Where Can I Get My Free Trading Journal?

The new online Trading Journal is available here at Binary Options Basics 101!

Simply register now for your free membership* and gain access to the one and only Trading Journal designed specifically for Binary Options trading.

Sign Up and start your absolutely free Trading Journal today!

Visit our Members page.

* When we say free we mean Free! Access your FREE Trading Journal today and start trading like a professional!

Click here to register now now.

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I am an online trader who specializes in introducing new and experienced traders to the lucrative potential of Binary Options. Trade almost any vehicle from Forex to Gold with hourly expiry and up to 85% return on investment. I provide Tools such as a Free Trading Journal for Members to monitor your daily trading performance. Check out my Reviews of some of the leading industry Strategies. I also provide Resources such as Free Charts and Free Online Brokers so you can trade like a Professional in no time. Occasionally, I come across some awesome passive income streams and resources which I personally utilize and I share the love. Where else can you get started with all the tools to ensure your financial success?
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  1. Editor says:

    If you are referring to the free trading journal… You will need to register for the free service.

  2. abbas says:

    please send me the free jernsl for binary options, thank you

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