Hedging Binary Options – What are they?

How to Trade Binary Options using Hedging.

The following “how to” article explains how to use a hedging strategy as used by advanced traders and the excellent applications of a Binary Option Strategy for new traders:

A Hedging Binary Option Strategy Explained

Binary Options Strategy ReviewWhat are Binary Options? The introduction of Binary Options has opened up new avenues in the trading arena. Just as the name suggests, the Binary Options trading has only two possible outcomes: profit or loss. Either the trader gets everything or he does not get anything.

Binary Options are becoming popular by the day for the reason that there is calculated and predetermined risk associated with it so you know what you will make for a win or a loss.

Binary Options trading can be described as a trading contract where the amount to be paid at the fulfillment of a condition or price movement is predetermined and the payoff is made at the time of expiry. Whether the payoff will be made or not depends on the condition whether the trade is “in the money” or “out of the money”. Here the range of the price difference is not significant and even if the contract is “in the money” even by a single tick it counts for a payment. Similarly if the trade is “out of the money” by a single tick the trader gets nothing.

Various traders follow different strategies to make their trades profitable. One such strategy or technique followed by them is known as hedging. Here we will discuss this strategy:

What does hedging mean?

Hedging is a strategy that is used by various traders to reduce the risk of capital by various methods like the call and put options, future contracts or short selling techniques. The hedging strategies are designed to reduce the potential volatility and risk of a portfolio.  Basically it gives the benefit of locking in the existing profit. Hedging strategies are often used while trading Forex and Binary Options, hedging strategies are also used to minimize the risk of loss.

Binary Options are mostly being used for day trading as they usually expire on the hour. Though it may sound strange but a trader who has thorough knowledge of this Binary Option Strategy can use it for partial hedging. It also gives an opportunity to reap in more profits. By using wisely the call and put options can reduce the risks to a greater extent. In fact once may double profits if the Binary Options are executed properly.

A simple explanation of hedging is by placing a call or put position against or supporting an existing position to lock in profits or minimize losses.

Proper usage of a Binary Options strategy such a hedging strategy can help traders significantly. Some people might think that the hedge binary is difficult to understand and implement, but it is not so. It can be used by anyone who uses the options correctly and earn some extra money.

Below is a screen capture showing how hedging may be used to capitalize a reversal. As explained above the hedging could also be used to minimize losses if the trade has gone against us. This should demystify this strategy and better demonstrate how to hedge trade Binary Options.

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